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Mountain bike Ridex RDS24G


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The Ridex mountain bike is equipped with only high quality parts and is decorated with a unique design. The prototype is made in Georgia. The details are thoroughly checked to make the use of the bike safe, comfortable and enjoyable. The set includes reflective signals, instructions and warranty in Georgian.

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• Color: matte with black, green details.

• Housing: Steel.

• Frame: M 14 inches.

• Speeds: 21.

• Gear switches: Automatic.

• Rear speed: LTWOO A2 7 speed.

• Previous speed: LTWOO A2 3 speed.

• Switches: LTWOO A2.

• Tire diameter: 24 inches.

• Brake clamp: on springs.

• Brake system: disc brake with hub (aporn).

• Wheels: Dual.

• Front shock absorber: 80 mm depth, shock absorber lock.

• Adjustable chair.

• Bicycle weight: 12.3 kg.

• Recommended height of the cyclist: 130-165 cm.

• Recommended weight of the cyclist: 30-100 kg.